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Series S-Series LFP Warranty See Warranty Terms
Volts 12 BCI 8D
Terminal Type M8
Included Hardware M8 stainless bolts & washers
Charge Voltage Range 14.0 - 14.6V
Recommended End of Discharge Voltage 12.0 V
End of Discharge Protection Voltage 10.0 V
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4 V
Recommended Charge Current
-20~0°C (-4-50°F) 0.1C 30A
0~10°C (32-50°F) 0.2C 60A
10~35°C (50-95°F) 0.5C 150A
35~50°C (95-122°F) 0.2C 60A
Charge Mode:
  • Charge at recommend voltage & current by temperature until charge current drops to ≤ 0.05C (CC,CV)
  • No BTS (Battery Temperature Sensor)
Max Continuous Charge Current 200 A
Max Continuous Discharge Current 200 A
Surge Current Limit 1100 A (300ms)
Charge Temperature Range -20°C~55°C (-4~131°F)
Discharge Temperature Range -20°~60°C (-4~140°F)
Storage Temperature Range -5°~45°C (23~113°F)
Nominal Capacity 300 AH
Total Energy 3.84 kWh
Nominal Voltage 12.8 V


  • Cylindrical LiFePO4 cells [ITR26-70/46E 4.6Ah, 26700] (UL1642)
  • IEC62133 (cell), IEC62619(cell), UN38.3 (cell/pack)
  • ROHS (cell), CE system certification, IP65 Rating


  • Standard-size (BCI) ABS container for easy VRLA replacement
  • Fast charge/discharge performance
  • Display & integrated controls
  • Visual state-of-charge (SOC)
  • External fuse access
  • Internal heating for -20°C (-4°F) to 0°C (32°F) charging *
  • Bluetooth Connectivity & dedicated IOS & Android App
  • Maintenance-free operation

* Note: When connected in series, internal heating may increase charge imbalance requiring external rebalancing.

Refer to R-Series & S-Series LFP Battery Operating Manual

Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Integrated hardware BMS inside
  • Independent charge & discharge protection
  • Balance Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Low-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Low-Temperature Protection, Over-Temperature Protection

12V LFP Profile

Weight 30.5 kg 67.2 lbs
Length 52.2 cm 20.55"
Width 26.8 cm 10.55"
Height Inc. Term. 23.2 cm 9.13"
Product measurements & weights are calculated based on sample data. Individual specifications are subject to vary due to the manufacturing process & battery components.
Container ABS
Cover ABS
Handles Rope / Plastic Handle
Internal BMS Model 4S200ATX-V2
Expected Cycle Life >6000 @ 80% DOD, >3000 @ 100% DOD
Series Connection 4 UNITS MAX (48V)
Parallel Connection 4 UNITS MAX (48V) or 6 UNITS MAX (12V)

Up to 4S4P (in 48V configuration) or 1S6P (in 12V configuration)

Detailed Illustration

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