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JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for treatment and care of Surrette Battery Company employees’ health and related issues in accordance with generally accepted nursing practices and treatments. Has the certifications and ability to assess conditions, provide treatment, document progress and other observations regarding employee health and wellness. Plans and leads comprehensive company occupational health program. Responsible for workers’ compensation claims management, Dept. of Labour compliance, employee physicals and blood lead program. Develops employee training as it relates to wellness. Monday to Friday Work Week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


1. Provides First Aid to workplace injuries or illnesses

2. Performs drug tests, physicals and fit for duty physicals

3. Coordinates Workers Compensation claims management and reporting, including MyAccount logs and OEA correspondence

4. Assists employees with non-work-related injuries, personal medical conditions and wellness initiatives

5. Responsible for blood lead program, including blood draws, employee analysis, education, respirator fit testing and compliance

6. Provides health and safety orientation for new employees, including face fit tests in conjunction with Supervisors

7. Performs (and/or coordinates) departmental job site analysis to document ergonomic and safety requirements

8. Provide disease management and wellness education

9. Schedules and trains designated employees on AED, CPR and FIRST AID matters

10. Plan, develop and promote the necessary facilities, equipment, supplies and records system to operate the employee health services.

11. Cleaning supplies and/or equipment. Order supplies and equipment as needed. Dispense safety supplies/equipment and maintain records.

12. Conduct on-site health promotion programs including classes, individual counseling sessions, health screenings and hearing tests. Assist with accident and injury investigation of employees.

13. Work closely with the Safety Committee, Medical First Responders, Health, Safety and Environmental matters and Human Resource matters.

14. Maintain updated knowledge of federal, provincial and local laws, regulations and requirements that are applicable to an occupational health and safety program.

15. Refers employees to additional health care evaluation if necessary.

16. Participates in accident and near miss investigations.

17. As needed, participate in health insurance renewal to help identify trends and implement programs and activities to manage costs.

18. Is familiar and compliant with the systems, procedures and documentation of Surrette Battery Company’s Quality System and how it relates to this position and the company’s quality objectives.

19. Acts as the Return-to-work and Stay-at-work Claims Coordinator.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Reports to the Plant Manager and the CFO


 Understanding of workplace injuries, illnesses and wellness education

 Understanding of record keeping requirements and compliance for NS Dept. of Labour and Workers’ Compensation management

 Ability to draw blood, perform drug testing and respirator fit testing

 Understanding of ergonomics and job site analysis

 Strong Clerical skills, including word processing, graphs and spreadsheets


  • Licensed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the province of Nova Scotia (or equivalent) preferred, but not necessary.
  • Certification in Occupational Health Nursing Preferred, 3 – 5 years Occupational Health experience. 
  • Certified in AED, CPR and Blood-Borne pathogens training preferred.
  • Safety Training

DESIRABLE TRAITS: Good communication, interpersonal abilities, organizational skills and training experience.

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