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April 3 — 4, 2023

Victoria, BC

Understanding, selling, and installing solar energy systems.

The Power of Being Off-Grid + ITC / Commercial Systems and Battery Grid Storage

Day 1 – Monday, April 3rd – ITC/Commercial Systems/Battery Grid Storage

Increase your understanding of the technical, market and financial aspects with grid-connected energy storage. With the grid-connected energy storage market maturing across Canada, and commercial projects starting up, companies in different sectors are increasingly interested in the potential of energy storage for their business and insight into technical, market and financial aspects is essential to realizing that potential. In this session you will acquire a comprehensive overview of grid-connected energy storage and energy storage systems, and will have the latest technology, market conditions and issues clearly explained. We will also provide more information on the 30% refundable investment tax credit launching soon – a tax incentive for clean energy technologies, including solar PV and battery storage for commercial property owners across Canada.

After training, join the charge solar team for beers, pizza, music & prizes! 5:00PM-7:00PM @ Charge Solar Headquarters.

Day 2 – Tuesday, April 4th – Off-Grid Training Session

Technical industry experts will teach you how an off-grid energy system works and which design options and considerations you should be aware of. This course will provide participants with clear, concise and detailed information, including developing a load profile, solar array sizing, Inverter sizing or functions, charge controllers and operations & maintenance for storage-based systems.

Victoria, BC @ The Inn at Laurel Point
April, 3rd & 4th | 8:00AM to 4:30PM


Join us for this two-day training event at the stunning Inn at Laurel Point. After the training session on day 1, attendees will be invited back to the Charge Solar Headquarters for a SOCIAL MIXER with beer, pizza, music and prizes from 5:00-7:00PM!

*Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks included