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Flooded Lead-Acid Models:

Updated: May 15th, 2023

Series / TypeIncludesCurrent Lead Time
Series 4000 & 4500 MonoblockSeries 4000 & 4500 monoblock incl. FS ModelsNovember 2023*
Series 4000 & 4500 2-Volt2V L16 Models18 Weeks
Series 50002V, 4V, 6V & 8V Dual-Container18 Weeks
Motive Power - Industrial2V Industrial Cells18 Weeks**
Rail8V & 32V Rail18 Weeks

* May vary due to order size and quantity of included models.

** Dependant on order quantity & tray lead times where applicable.

This information is for reference only and is estimated based on current production schedules.

Product lead times may vary by specific model & order quantity and are subject to change.

For the status of orders currently in production, scheduled orders, or to place an order, please contact Sales.