**4000 & 4500 Series model updates**

System Settings, Battery Testing & Warranty Information

**New warranty terms effective January 1, 2019**

Rolls Battery Manufacturer Warranty & Distributor Authorization

Rolls Battery Warranty


Warranty Claim Form & Battery Test Sheet

Modelo de Reclamación de Garantía y Solución de Problemas

Battery Maintenance Log Book

Rolls Battery LFP LiFePO4 Battery Warranty

Discontinued Models

Product information for discontinued models, including specification sheets, is available upon request via our Customer Service department.


          Battery – Batterie – Batería

          SDS – Flooded Lead Acid Battery

          SDS – Batterie au plomb

          SDS – Batería de Plomo Acido

          SDS – AGM Battery

          SDS – Batería AGM

          SDS – GEL Battery

          Battery Acid – Électrolyte – Electrolito

          SDS – Battery Acid

          SDS – Acide à Batterie

          SDS – Fluido de Batería, Acido 

IEC 61427-1: 2013 

Rolls 4000 Series IEC 61427-1:2013

Rolls 4500 & 5000 Series IEC 61427-1:2013

Declaration of Conformity IEC 61427-1    

Certificate of Conformance

ISO Certification

AGM CE Certification

Replacement Cell Order Form

Rolls Battery Replacement Cell Order Form

Rolls R-CAP


Battery Date Codes

Rolls Battery Date Codes

Liquid Reserve

Rolls Battery Liquid Reserve

Flooded Cell Spacing – Watering Systems

Flooded Cell Spacing Reference For Automatic Watering Systems

Railroad Model Cross Reference

Rolls Battery Railroad Model Cross-Reference

User Manuals

Rolls Battery User Manual

Manual de Uso – Baterias Rolls

Railroad Battery User Manual

Manual de Uso – Baterias de Ferrocarril

Rolls Battery User Manual

Rolls LFP Battery Operating Manual

Rolls LFP Connect Integration – Victron Energy

Rolls LFP Connect Card for Victron Energy

Rolls LFP Connect Card for SMA – Coming Soon

Rolls LFP Closed-Loop Integration – Schneider Electric Conext


Renewable Energy Brochure (North America)

                    Renewable Energy Brochure (Europe)

Folleto Energía Renovable

Railroad & Diesel Starter Brochure


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